The End-of-Year Advertisement Bonanza!

Another year done and dusted. That’s all for our regular gaming meetings til September people.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering “Stuart, where am I going to get my weekly dose of Gaming Society goodness from?” If you are, you might want to get a doctor to see about that…
Otherwise, here’s a rundown of some of the things our individual members have that you can support over the summer.

Brace yourselves, we’re in for a doozy of a blog post here.

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Link Dump

The next school year is quickly approaching, and I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to catching up. In the mean time I figured I would share a few things with you guys that should interest you.

First up is a shameless self-plug. I present to you my blog: Press “Start” to Play!

Co-written by my lifelong friend Jack Yorston, we write about pretty much anything videogame-related, such as reviews, articles and news.

Secondly is another indie blog: Use X With Y

Pretty much the only productive thing he’s done since leaving university, former society president and all-round sleaze Marty writes about games. Worth a read, when he gets around to updating it.

Thirdly we have Fiendlord, The Undying Night Book One.

"Azred Ferla was just ten years old when demons attacked his village and killed his father. On that day, in the aftermath of the bloodshed, he swore to take revenge. Fourteen years later, as an accomplished mage and warrior, Azred leads the push to rid the land of the Midnight Fiends once and for all."

Curry, another former society president, has written and published his first book (of many?), complete with sweet cover art by Natalie.  It’s available for a mere $5 in a variety of ebook formats. I’m sure Curry could do with our support, especially if you’d like to see more. That beer won’t pay for itself.

Next up is How Games Saved My Life.

This blog is the brainchild of Ashley Burch, slightly famous for her role in "Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’?". It’s a collection of heartwarming and inspiring tales of how videogames have helped people through tough spots in their lives. Basically the opposite of the “Games are evil” trash that appears far-too-often in the media.

Finally we have The Trenches -  a combined effort from Penny Arcade and PvP artist Scott Kurtz.

The Trenches is a collection of horror stories from real-life game developers that is bound to make you think twice about that dream job. It’s also accompanied by an equally depressing webcomic.

Well that should do it for now. If you have something that you want to share, whether it be your own creation or just something you think everyone else would like, then send it to Otherwise, stay tuned for the start of the year shenanigans, coming soon.