The End-of-Year Advertisement Bonanza!

Another year done and dusted. That’s all for our regular gaming meetings til September people.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering “Stuart, where am I going to get my weekly dose of Gaming Society goodness from?” If you are, you might want to get a doctor to see about that…
Otherwise, here’s a rundown of some of the things our individual members have that you can support over the summer.

Brace yourselves, we’re in for a doozy of a blog post here.

First off, our ol’ President, Nic Aplin, and his blog, Press “Start” to Play!

Nic, along with his buddy Jack, talk about various video game related topics, alongside reviews and such. You should also check out their podcast, Pause Break, and their webcomic, Players.

Next up, our older President, Ceri ‘Curry’ Rowland and his book, Fiendlord.

“Azred Ferla was just ten years old when demons attacked his village and killed his father. On that day, in the aftermath of the bloodshed, he swore to take revenge. Fourteen years later, as an accomplished mage and warrior, Azred leads the push to rid the land of the Midnight Fiends once and for all.”

The first book in “The Undying Night” series, you can buy it now on Smashboards or Amazon.

Also, by his request, we should have a review of the book up some time during the Summer.

Next up, our oldest (that I know has something to advertise) President, Marty McHugh and his blog, Use X With Y.

A place for Marty to give his views on gaming-related topics…whenever he gets round to updating the damn thing. Hopefully some advertisement will give him incentive to update.

Our next one comes from our resident Irishman, Michael Corrigan and his podcast, the BeardCast.

*Insert non-existant banner/image here*

The BeardCast is where Michael and his various friends talk about various topics. Warning! NSFL: Not Safe For Life
You should also check out his blog.

Next, we have Scott MacIver and his streaming channel, Silverdude500.

*Again, insert non-existant banner/image here*

From Halo: Reach to Mario Party 2, watch Scott run through various video games of past and present.

Speaking of Scott, he has been nominated to help take the Olympic Torch through Aberdeen on June 11th, from Great Western Road through Holburn Street to Union Street. If you’re still in the area that day, then please come out and help support a fellow society member partake in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Finally, we have one more blog…mine. The G&A Corner.

*Insert yet another non-existant image to go along with this shameless self-promotion*

Something I’ve only recently started up, I’ll be mainly talking about video games and anime. It’s a bit bare at the moment (especially on the video game side of things), but I’ve already got more updates this year than Marty, with more coming up, so it’s all good.

So, with that all gone over, you’d think that we would be done for now, right? Wrong. We are planning to have irregular meetings throughout the summer for those who can still come along and attend them, so look out for updates about those both on here and on Facebook. We also have a few other things we’re planning, which we’ll let you know more about once we have those plans a little more set in concrete. Check our Facebook page reguarly to find out what we have in store.

Til next time, gamers!