The Finals, after 8 weeks of brains, brawn and skill, it finally came down to this; 5 Games to decide our grand champion, however our 3rd and 4th place participants was decided with only 1 of those games.

Game Number One (this was the 3 and 4th place decider as well)

No, I am not joking. This is a game about you babysitting, this game was developed by 505 Games and published by Nintendo and is the third spin-off in the “Cooking Mama” Series. For this game, we used the babysitting mode which lets you look after one of the babys, each baby has 4 mini games, but has 6 pages in their baby book, in other words there is 50 different mini games in this game but we just chose the first Baby Yuto and the first page. Players had to cheer up the baby, feed the baby, burp the baby and put the baby to sleep, Just remember. NEVER EVER SHAKE THE BABY!

Game Number Two…

Please tell me you remember Cartoon Network….Please. :-S
Anyway, this is simply Super Smash Bros…with Cartoon Network Characters, simple to see where this is going yes? Our two finalists battled it out tooth and nail in this showdown…and they still had 3 games to go!

Game Number Three!….

We Cheer is a cheerleading rhythm game that has players use two wii remotes each as pom poms(if player with 4 players you can use one remote each) For this game we had our players take part in the cheer off mode, and the one with the most points wins!

Game Number Four!

Sumo Tori, a pc game that has you playing as a very blocky sumo, trying to knock the other one over…without tripping over your own two feet.

The Final Game!

Super Mario Chess, yes, the final game was not a video game, but a board game based on a video game. I don’t think I need to eplain how our finalists had to play this game do I?

So that concludes the Omegathon, now we just need to sit back, relax, chill and wait….The next meeting is the prize giving and AGM?….SHIT!
The Final Table is below, see you soon!

This is the video that we sent for to be shown at the student achievement awards ball, enjoy! RGU Gaming Society Blog: Facebook: Twitter:


And so the Semi Finals have passed, what started as 24 have been brought down to just 4 and what did our lucky participants play this time?

Game Number One..


Now who doesn’t remember Robot Wars? If you don’t know this classic, Iconic BBC show then go and watch the show from series 2 onwards…AFTER you finish reading this blog preferably, lol! Anyway this is a game I wanted to be featured in the omegathon for years now, and it lived up to the hype, a video game based on a tv show where the general public got to build their own robots, send them into an arena filled with flamethrowers, spikes, pits, flippers and do battle with other contestants robots in a fight to the mechanical death all while avoiding the devastating house robots. 

In this game, we had our players duke it out to the death in a one on one match, and both matches had really surprising but incredible results!

Game Number Two….


Now I wasn’t part of the society during the first Omegathon, but from what I hear this is another blast from the past! This game has been around for years now and has spanned many consoles from arcades to the Xbox 360, and it’s gameplay was simple yet addictive: Pick up a member of the public, take them to their destination as quickly as you can, then rinse and repeat, the catch? No law enforcement, break as many speed limits and laws as you want, your taxi, your rules!

This time, our players each got 3 minutes to rack up as much fare as possible and the one with the most money wins, I wish I could earn that money so easily…lol!

The final game of our semi finals was….


This little gem plays very much like pachinko (a Japanese arcade game) meets Super Breakout! Fire balls at the blocks to earn points, if the ball lands in the bucket, you earn more points, some blocks have special proprieties too,  it’s a matter of skill and luck.

This game had our players going head to head to see who could score the most points, again this game had some rather close competition. 

After all that, just what were the results? Look below and find out! Join us next week for the much anticipated finale of the Omegathon! Same Gaming Time, Same Gaming Channel…


So now the quarter finals has passed, and this time, the ante has been raised from 2 games to 3, and what were these games?

Game Number One…..


Link’s Crossbow Training is a spin off of The Legend of Zelda series that plays very much like a “Time Crisis” style arcade shooter, the objective was to score as many points as possible in the first stage of the game, simple as that.

Game Number Two…..


National Geographical Challenge. It’s a quiz game, not much else to talk explain really. The objective was to score as many points as possible in the multiplayer mode of the game, again, simple enough.

The final game of the week….


Behold, the first PlayStation 3 game that the society has ever used the PlayStation Move for! This game had you playing as Toby, a detective or his assistant Karin as they slide on office chairs to escape the mafia, no I am not kidding, that is what the game is about. Anyway the objective for this finale was to score as many points as possible in the first stage of the game, sound familiar?

and as a treat…we got to play a tiebreaker! which was…..


Red Faction II is a FPS, while it did not support online play, it did have local multiplayer, and that is what our sudden death match contestants did….a death match, whoever won proceeded to the next round.

Here are the results, see ya soon!



Comic Relief Marathon

Hey everyone!

Under a day until the marathon starts! Everything appears to be up and running now (woohoo). Hope you can come down and take part :D

Donations can be made in person or through our just giving page:

There’s more info on our event page:


As you may be aware, we did not start the quarter finals this week. Instead we got everyone to get up and about in the Loser’s Bracket of this year’s OMEGATHON, and what was the game that cost people their dignity this time?


Wii fit was Nintendo’s way of saying “Do exercise instead of playing games 24/7” the game came with a balance board that detected your movement and weight, and the game tried to show how much weight you lost when playing. For the loser’s bracket, our players played 4 games, with the scores from each game adding up to make their total score and the top two got to claim a spot in the finals! The games included ski jumping, heading footballs, tilting a table to fit balls down the holes and hula hoop dancing! Here are the scores, Well done to our lucky winners: Matt and Marko!


The Omegathon Group Stages have ended and what were our final group games? Well we had…..



I’d be surprised if you don’t know who Mario is, he’s that loveable Italian plumber who spends most of his time saving the most kidnapped Princess of all time: Princess Peach. In this NES style controlled game, Players had to get to the end of World 1-1 as fast as they could, if they died before the first checkpoint, they got one retry, that’s it. Simple right?

Our Second game of the week was…


Castle Crashers is an indie title developed by The Behemoth and published by Microsoft Game Studios, featuring music by members of Newgrounds and fast-paced multiplayer arcade action! This title was developed for Xbox 360, PS3, Windows and Mac OS, so if you feel like giving it a bash, this is a highly recommended title if you’re just getting into the indie genre.

This game had our players play the “All You Can Quaff” minigame, a button masher to see who can eat the most food first and still have feeling left in their arms!

Here are the total results so far after all of our group stages, Those with the most are highlighted in bold.


Congrats to our six lucky winners, as for the rest of you….

Don’t worry if you didn’t win your group, next week will be a second chance for two of you to re-enter the finals by competing in our loser’s bracket, what will we be doing? Wait and see…

Hope to see you all then!

Amy Updates :)

Hey everyone!

I just have a few things I want to let you all know about:
Award Nominations:
Apologies for the short notice (not my fault, I promise!) but if you would like to nominate a member of the society for an achievement award you can do so here:  Why should you? The awards are a great way to show appreciation for anyone who you think has done either a good job in their role on the committee or for a member who shows up consistently, always helps out etc. Plus winning an award will make your nominee(s) all fuzzy inside :D Deadline for nominations is Wednesday (26th) night, so presumably that means midnight or just before. Please at least think about it!
Award Ball
The Awards ball has been confirmed for the 28th of March (Friday). 
Displaying poster-DETAILS-01.jpg
Last year was great fun and everyone had a really good time. It would be great to be able to do the same again this year! 
Red Nose Day Marathon
You may remember it being mentioned before but has now been fully confirmed. We will be having a 24hr marathon on the 15-16th of March for red nose day in Kaim Cottage. It will run from 6pm ‘till 6pm and the aim is to complete as many games as we can. To achieve this, the more TV’s/monitor’s we have, the better! If you would be able and willing to bring one, please let us know! Even if you are willing to bring one but would need transport I shall see what I can do!
The event is being carried out in multiple locations throughout the UK and there is a central website for us all. It seems awfully official but if anyone has seen a student union in England you will understand! You can preregister for the event here:
I will be chatting about the event on Wednesday and you can ask any questions then :)
See you all on Wednesday!

The Omegathon continues! What did we play this week? Look below and find out!

Our first game of the week was….

Who doesn’t remember Micro Machines?  If you were born between 1986 and onwards then surely you would have heard of these highly successful (and when I was young – very very fun) line of toys. And with a successful franchise comes video games, and this week saw our players race to win in Micro Machines 96 for the Sega Mega Drive! This racing game was different in that you didn’t win by laps but rather you got points by being the last person on the track, truly an retro classic.

Our Second game of the week was…


Tomena Sanner is a Wii Ware title that was originally created as a trilogy for Japanese mobile services, and was later made into one game not just for Wii Ware but IOS too.

The game consists of the player pressing a button (any button that isn’t the home button) to dodge obstacles and reach the dance party at the end where the player can press the button in to the rhythm of the lines appearing on-screen for bonus points and of course the Wii Ware version comes with 2-4 multiplayer split screen and items to hinder your rivals!  

Here are the total results so far…



The Omegathon continued last Wednesday, which had our lovely contestants continuing their quest to reign on top of their groups.

Our first game of the week was….

3D Strategy Mayhem may have graced our PlayStation 1 with Hogs Of War, but this year saw a return to the beloved genre in the form of the arcade title Worms: Ultimate Mayhem. The title was a re-release of Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem which included improved graphics, time challenges, camera fixes, and the campaigns from both Worms 3D and Worms 4, I would highly recommend this title, as long as you are able to bare it’s load times. 

Our Second game of the week was…

Boom Blox is a puzzle video game for the Wii, mobile devices and N-Gage 2.0, of course we used the Wii version. This game was developed by EA along with film director Steven Spielberg. This game includes a story mode (called adventure), a challenge mode (called explore), a level editor, and of course a multiplayer mode. This game saw our players trying to achieve the highest score by destroying blocks with positive point values attached or attacking the opponent’s castle to destroy their gem blocks within.

Here are the total results so far after these past two weeks.

Hope to see you all again on Wednesday!